Professional UGG boot cleaning. Our unique cleaning process cleans and nourishes your dirty UGG boots and brings them back to almost new condition.

We'll completely clean and restore your favourite UGG boots from only £34.99 delivered to your door. It's the best UGG boot cleaning solution, an easy and effective way to give your old UGGs a fresh lease of life.


Your UGG Boots are our UGG Boots. From the moment we welcome them here to our modern processing plant, we care for them with the respect they deserve. Made from sheepskin, your UGGs don’t want to be immersed in harmful dry cleaning solvents or be treated with spotting chemicals. Our UGG boot cleaning service uses only a mild, water-based solution at low temperature so that your footwear is not only cleaned in an environmentally-friendly process, but the material’s natural properties are enriched to leave them supple and free from shrinkage or colour loss.

Our specialist leather detergent gently removes old conditioners that were previously applied to the surface of the boots, as well as wax build up and deep down grime and dirt. Cleaning UGG boots can make them harden so a softening leather conditioner is injected into the solution towards the end of the cleaning process in order to prevent the leather from drying stiff.

boots.jpgFrom here, we let the ambient, warm climate in our processing plant dry your boots gently, whilst we tend carefully to restoring any loss of original shape similar to the way you would reshape a woollen top when drying flat.

Once we are satisfied that they are restored to the condition with which you will be satisfied, your UGG boot cleaning process is complete and we will prepare them for the dispatch option of your choosing: either returned in a polythene mailing sack or should you wish - for a little extra - packed out with non-acidic tissue paper in a robust, cardboard box.


Polythene mailing sack shipping is FREE. Return shipping of your cleaned boots in a sturdy cardboard box is an additional £4.99. Choose the option you want under Delivery below.

Choose your UGG Type

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Classic Mini UGG (5½" shaft height) £37.99


Classic Short UGG (8" shaft height) £39.99


Classic Tall UGG (11¾" shaft height) £45.99


Kids UGGs (6" shaft height) £34.99


UGG Boot Cleaning Terms and Conditions

• We will do everything we can to return your order within a fortnight, although this cannot be guaranteed – as well as being at the mercy of our dispatch partners, the extent of restoration required will dictate the time it takes to have your order processed ;
• Our Ugg boot cleaning service does not guarantee the removal of stains;
• “You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear” - heavily soiled or damaged footwear is unlikely to look “as new”. Please consider this carefully and moderate your expectations accordingly;
• All Ugg boot cleaning orders require a signature upon delivery;
• We cannot be held responsible for loss of colour - UGG boots are coloured with dye which may soften a little during cleaning to cause fading;
• Skin items such as suede, leathers, furs, or sheepskin garments can sometimes have inherent defects that are not apparent before cleaning and only become apparent after cleaning. In addition to the effects of normal wear, there are other conditions you should be aware of and, for which, we cannot be held liable, such as:
a) Some skins may have weak or thin areas that can give way during processing;
b) Prior exposure to heat and moisture can cause skins to become tender, stiff or brittle;
c) Some skins may shrink or loose shape during processing;
d) Some types of stains may not be removable;
e) Colour uniformity cannot be assured if skins were not originally matched evenly; and
f) Linings that are heavily soiled may be difficult to clean satisfactorily.

Munro Cleaners off the UK's best professional UGG Boot cleaning service. Don't settle for less, if you want your UGG boots cleaned properly make sure you give us a call.

What People Say...

“I wasn't sure if this would work but my Uggs were in such a dirty state I couldn't wear them anyway so I thought I would give it a go. I am delighted I did as they've come back almost like new! £27.99 really well spent, thanks!”
Jane Smith, Stranraer, Wigtownshire

“Just a quick note to say that I've just received my Ugg Boots back and I'm over the moon with their condition. They look and feel great. I tried cleaning them myself but it just wan't working, I don't know how you did it but you did a brilliant job."
Alison McKnight, Kayshill, Ayrshire

“My poor Uggs were just sitting there looking sad. They really were too discoloured to wear but not any more! I can't believe the transformation, they look like new! I would recommend your Ugg boot cleaning service to anybody."
Catherine Ward, Hendon, London

“Wow! I thought my daughter's Uggs were beyond saving but they now look terrific. Thanks."
Kathleen Howley, Edinburgh

“I just can't believe the difference in my Ugg Boots. I have already recommended your Ugg Boot cleaning service to all my friends."
Sarah McFadden, Nottingham